Site Level Typologies

The following site design matrices, along with the land use matrix found on pages 14 and 15, provide a methodology to choose a potential site design. The matrices provide an organized framework in which to start discussions about goals for the design and re-purposing of vacant lots. The first matrix provides a series of potential design options organized by their required intensity of intervention. There are three categories: low, medium, and high. This criterion is combined with site characteristics (typologies) to create a framework that is multi-tiered and flexible. One can select a design according to the needs the project is trying to address.A design could be chosen using the Land Use Typology Matrix, the Intensity of Use Matrix, or the Design Patterns Matrix. Combine all three matrices by cross-referencing results, and the book can provide an example of an informed site design. However you choose to use the matrices, each is valid. The intent of the land use and site typology matrices is not to provide an exhaustive list of design ideas or an ironclad statement of vacant lot use. They are, rather, a starting point that can be used to analyze and capitalize on design ideas and opportunities.

Typology Selection

The site typologies were selected to provide a wide range of conditions in the Cincinnati area. The typologies especially recognize the hilly nature of the area, which is unique to Cincinnati. The typologies also recognize the varied nature of vacant lot adjacencies. These matrices account for the breadth of conditions by selecting certain important and prevalent factors like the amount of public exposure a site has or the type of adjacencies of other surrounding vacant lots. Combining these factors allows for a reasonably site specific framework for choosing a revitalization technique, without stifling the selection process by being too specific.

Matrix Part 2

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Intensity of Use Matrix                                          Site Design Matrix

Intensity of Use    Site Design Matrix