Land Use Typologies

Land Use Typologies

Cincinnati’s existing land use distribution is made up of a wide range of typologies. This land use map summarizes the major categories of land use found in Cincinnati and is a foundation for creating broad strategies for vacant lot management. Based on these land use categories, four typologies were identified to reflect areas in which vacant lots are prevalent and where revitalization can have the greatest impact.

For the purposes of this guidebook, the four typologies are: RESIDENTIAL, MIXED-USE, LANDSCAPE, and INDUSTRIAL. These typologies provide a framework from which decisions about vacant lot management can begin. Based on the land uses surrounding vacant property, site designs and management strategies can be implemented in ways that revitalize neighborhood centers, encourage healthy neighborhoods, reuse brownfield sites, and preserve the natural environment.

RESIDENTIAL land uses consist of three classes: single-family, two and three family, and multi-family. The classes correspond to the density of development and can be used to indicate where high or low concentrations of people live.

MIXED-USE areas are split into three categories: the Central Business District (CBD) of Cincinnati, mixed-use land use parcels, and neighborhood business districts. These three mixed-use typologies represent areas in which residential, commercial, and office uses merge. Mixed-use areas provide opportunities to create places for residents to live, work, and play.

LANDSCAPE areas are made up of Cincinnati’s parks and open spaces. These include city and county parks and public open spaces. Recreational areas and local food production are included in the landscape typology and serve as a conduit for community interaction and healthy living.

INDUSTRIAL areas are represented as heavy industrial and light industrial, dependent on the intensity of land use. Industrial areas provide a unique opportunity for redevelopment because of larger than average lot sizes and dealing with potential site contamination.

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